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School Hours:  

Monday-Thursday from 9am-1pm

 Yearly Tuition for 2021-2022:

10 or 12 month option

10 payments and child does not attend summer session

12 payments and child attends summer session

2 Days= $6,120 ($510 per payment)

4 Days= $10,380 ($865 per payment)

Tuition includes all meals.

Yearly Fee Schedule:

Enrollment fee $50

Materials fee $200

Both fees are non refundable and due with your paperwork upon acceptance.

Waitlist Information:

To request a waitlist application please contact Miss Sita by email at There is no fee to submit a waitlist application.


Current families have an option to re-enroll on March 1st, for the following school year. The remaining spaces for Fall enrollment are then open to new families beginning on March 15th.


The Hummingbird Nursery School is a small community of children and their families. Each day the class size is limited to seven children ages 18 months to approximately 4 years old. Out of the seven spaces available each day, two are held for children under two years old.


Spaces for summer and fall enrollment are offered and confirmed soon after March 15th each year, though occasionally mid-year enrollment may occur. Spaces are offered based on the needs of the community with regards to a balance of ages and genders.


Enrollment is conditional upon Hummingbird Nursery School being able to fully meet the individual needs of each child.


The families on the waitlist will be invited to an Open House in mid-February.


No family shall be denied admission to the Hummingbird Nursery School on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination involving, but not limited to, such factors as race, color, creed, religion, socio-economic status, national or ethnic origin, marital status, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or disability.

"An atmosphere of gratitude should grow naturally in children through merely witnessing the gratitude the adults feel as they receive what is freely given by others, and in how they express this gratitude. If a child says “thank you” very naturally – not in response to the urging of others, but simply through imitating – something has been done that will greatly benefit the child’s whole life. Out of this an all-embracing gratitude will develop toward the whole world. This cultivation of gratitude is of paramount importance."

(Rudolf Steiner, The Child’s Changing Consciousness)

Enrollment Process:

1. Family Interview

After a completed application is received, a family interview will be scheduled. This meeting allows the teacher to become acquainted with your family and gives parents and students the opportunity to ask questions about the class and school.

2. Class Visit

A prospective student may also be invited to shadow with the class for one to three days.

3. Contract Signing

If it is decided that the Hummingbird Nursery is the right place for your child, and if there is an opening, your child's place is secured by completing the following steps:

Submitting your signed contract, paying the Enrollment fee of $50 (non refundable), and the Materials fee $200 (non refundable).

4. Home Visit

Miss Sita will schedule a home visit to begin to build a bridge between home and school. The home visit is a time for the teacher to spend quality time with the whole family and in the child's space, while connecting with the families home life and rhythms.

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