Nursery School


Our philosophy:

We believe that in the nursery school years, children learn primarily through play, free movement and their innate ability to imitate all that surrounds them.  The teacher strives to offer an environment that allows the child to unfold his or her potential in a healthy and unhurried manner. This allows the child to learn and become truly social through empathetic guidance and supportive rhythms.

Classes are facilitated by an experienced Waldorf teacher held in a home away from home environment, filled with beauty and warmth. Hand-made toys and natural play materials are used as they nourish the young child's developing senses and provide stimulus for creative play.

“The task of the early childhood teacher is to adapt the practical activities of daily life so that they are suitable for the child’s imitation through play. The activities of children in the classroom must be derived from life itself rather than being ‘thought out’ by the intellectualized culture of adults. In the classroom, the most important thing is to give children the opportunity to directly imitate life itself.”

- Rudolf Steiner from “The Child’s Changing Consciousness”